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The Untold Legend Of The Batman

Untold Legend Of The Batman

My kids want to share with you an excellent super hero book called The Untold Legend Of The Batman. The author is Len Wein and it was published in July of 1992 by Tor Books. The book has 160 pages, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Tor Books

ISBN: 0812520424
Author: Len Wein

To the fear-filled eyes of criminals everywhere, he is truly a man without a past--a Darknight Defender within the helpless and oppressed, a towering symbol of swift and vengeful justice, a wraith-like guardian of Gotham City's asphalt corridors. Now, for the quite very first time in paperback, readers can discover the deepest secrets with the masked crimefighter, from his personal origin to his first meeting with Robin, his partner in the war on crime. But to comic book fans all through the world he is. A veritable encyclopedia from the Cowled Crimefighter's past, The Untold Legend of the Batman will delight comic adventure fans everywhere! Batman and he is a man with a mission. This spectacular re-telling of The Batman legend consists of his initial encounters with his most menacing foes, also as a fact filled tour by indicates of the Darknight Detective's secret headquarters, The Batcave.


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