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Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (turtleback School And Library Binding Edition) (batman (pb))

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again4 Star Rating
Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again
"Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (turtleback School And Library Binding Edition) (batman (pb))": Happens To Be A Must Have Book

Written by Frank Miller and it was published in January of 2004 by Turtleback. The child's book has 256 pages. To take advantage of the discount I ran across, click on our store link.

Turtleback, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again. batman dark knight strikes again turtleback

Today's Price: $29.74
Brand: Turtleback
ISBN: 1417669381
Author: Frank Miller

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is Frank Miller's follow-up to his hugely successful Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, one certain of the handful of comics that is widely recognized as not only reinventing the genre but also bringing it to a wider audience. So, the notoriously solitary Batman is forced to recruit some different superpowered allies. The thing is, a great take care of the world doesn't realize that it wants to become saved--least of all Superman and Wonder Woman, who have turn out to be tiny more than superpowered enforcers of the status quo. Together, these super-friends uncover a vast and far-reaching conspiracy that results in the President inside the Usa (Lex Luthor) and beyond. Set three years after the events of The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again follows a similar structure: once again, Batman hauls himself out of his self-imposed retirement in order to set things suitable. However, where DKR was about him cleaning up his home city, Gotham, DKSA has him casting his net much wider: he's out to conserve the world. He also has his ever-present trusty sidekick, Robin, except that he is truly a she, and she is calling herself Catwoman.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is largely an entertaining comic, but much of what created The Dark Knight Returns so excellent just doesn't work here. Miller's gritty, untidy artwork was perfect for DKR's grim depiction with the dark and seedy Gotham City, but it jars a bit for DKSA, which is meant to depict an ultra-glossy, futuristic technocracy. --Robert Burrow The same is true of the book's denouement, which happens so quickly that it leaves the reader reeling and looking for a lot more of an explanation. g. , the Atom, the Elongated Man, the Question ). Perhaps the book's greatest failing is that where The Dark Knight Returns gave comic book fans a base from which to evangelize to theuninitiated, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is just preaching to the converted. Comic book superhero fans will find much to enjoy here, but others would be better off sticking with every single of the original. Moreover, DKSA is packed complete of characters who will mean tiny to those unfamiliar with the DC Comics universe (e. Lynn Varley's garish coloring attempts to add a slicker sheen, however the artwork is ultimately let down by that which worked so appropriately for DKR--this time around, it just feels sloppy and rushed.


  • Number of Pages: 256
  • Languages:
  • English (Unknown)
  • English (Original Language)
  • English (Published)
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