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Batman: Manbat (batman Beyond (dc Comics))

Batman Manbat

Do you wish to acquire a child's book? Looking into purchasing a copy of Batman: Manbat (batman Beyond (dc Comics)) written by Jamie Delano. Written by Jamie Delano and it is published by DC Comics. The book was available in May of 1997. The book has 160 pages and it consists of delightfully colored illustrations. Batman created by Bob Kane. Originally published in single magazine form as BATMAN: MANBAT 1-3. While reading is something of which anyone, of nearly every age can enjoy, there are most definitely many ways which you might make the enjoyment more advantageous. Review the following tips and you may like reading a whole lot more, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

DC Comics

ISBN: 1563893207
Author: Jamie Delano


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