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Batman Classic: Battle In Metropolis

Batman Classic Battle In Metropolis

Batman Classic: Battle In Metropolis is an excellent children's book. The author is John Sazaklis and it was published around July of 2013 by HarperFestival. The child's book is 24 pages long. Check these pointers and you will definitely take pleasure in reading a lot more. Whilst you read, envision the dilemma inside your head.


ISBN: 0061885371
Author: John Sazaklis

Kids who love adventures with superheroes is going to be thrilled to locate Batman and Superman teaming up in this 8 x 8 illustrated storybook. With the help with each and every single of the Man of Steel, he'll battle The Joker, get the pendant back— and conserve the city. He snuck in for the meteorite exhibit at the Museum of Art and Science and stole a priceless green pendant. Could it be made from kryptonite?   Batman is on the case and ready to defend Metropolis.     The infamous supervillain The Joker has been up to his usual dirty tricks.


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