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Batman Classic: Batman And The Toxic Terror

Batman Classic Batman And The Toxic

Do you want to get yourself a child's book? Batman Classic: Batman And The Toxic Terror is a good book. The author is Jodi Huelin and it was published sometime in March of 2011 by HarperFestival. The book is 24 pages long. It's 0.14"H x 7.98"L x 7.7"W. It weighs only 0.16 lbs. To get your own copy of this children's book, click on our affilate button on this site.


ISBN: 0061885304
Author: Jodi Huelin

Gotham City is going green! People everywhere are turning into trees, and it's all the function of that vile, plant-loving villainess Poison Ivy. Will Batman fall victim to her thorny vengeance or can he nip this scheme inside the bud?


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