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Batman: Blind Justice

Batman Blind Justice

Batman: Blind Justice is a must own book. The author is Sam Hamm and it was published in May of 2005 by DC Comics. The super hero book has 160 pages.

DC Comics

ISBN: 156389047X
Author: Sam Hamm

When Bruce Wayne refuses to permit illegal mindcontrol experiments to continue at Wayne Technology, he finds himself charged with being a traitor. Wayne not merely should clear himself, but also protect his secret and save his company from ruin. Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm tends to make his comic-book debut with BATMAN: BLIND JUSTICE, introducing new components to the Batman legend which consists of the character of Henri Ducard, played by Liam Neeson in 2005s smash film Batman Begins. During the police investigation, Wayne is forced to confront memories inside the really a few males and women who trained him to turn out to be the feared Dark Knight Batman.


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