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Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Batman Adventures Mad Love

Batman Adventures: Mad Love is an awesome book. Written by Paul Dini and it was published on the 1st of November, 1995 by DC Comics. The book is 64 pages long. For the greatest deal for a copy on this book as well as other products, visit our store link below.

DC Comics

ISBN: 1563892448
Author: Paul Dini

The trend in superheroes in the late 1980s was dark, grim, gritty, and not quite kid friendly. The visual style was totally unique: clean, sharp, and bold. It's even put together by Paul Dini, a significant force behind the animated show. Batman Adventures: Mad Love is an original comics story drawn inside the style with the popular animated series. Actor Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, who plays the voice of the Joker inside the animated series, claims that this is a single of his all-time favorite comics, calling it"bold, lusty, gleefully demented."This particular story involves Batman's old foe, the Joker, and Joker's cute but deadly sidekick, Harley Quinn. Then along came the animated Batman series.


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